Sheryl Maier Photography | About

Hey all! Sheryl here!

I have 4 kids who give me the inspiration to live my life to the fullest! 3 boys, 1 girl; ages 13, 7, 6, and 4. Life is, to under exaggerate, chaotic! But as I like to say, we live in chaotic bliss! I spend most days shuffling kids to basketball, soccer, and gymnastics. I am on the go go go, but I love it and wouldn't change a thing!

Aside from my family, a large portion of my time is devoted to my 2 businesses - I am in my 6th year of photography, and my story is probably cliché in the fact that I began this business when my love for capturing my children on camera became so overwhelming internally for me, that I had to branch out. I had to begin this adventure of photography, this journey of self teaching, of online classes, of studying, and of putting my new found knowledge to the test with experience!

My story becomes my own when my love of photography itself, turned into the love of making people happy with the memories they have allowed me to capture for them. Words cannot describe how I feel when a client cries at the beauty of their photos. Or when I get an email saying how thrilled they are with the photographs they received.

I love to capture that one moment in time, that can be held on to forever. I love to catch that candid moment, the one that you will look back on and feel as if it were just yesterday. I love to capture the emotion that you can feel when you look at that photo years down the road. It's a just a moment, frozen in time with just the click of a button. I continue to freeze the moments in my life, because when I'm gone, that's how my legacy will be told. Through these photographs. And I feel blessed to be a part of your legacy as well.


My second business is a hair salon that my husband and I bought just about a couple years ago. It's been an awesome adventure that allows us to meet some fantastic people, and watch an industry that, much like my photography business, helps people feel so good about themselves!